Video & Motion Graphics

Below are a few video and animation samples. With faster processing speeds and internet connections, video and animated graphics are the new standard in digital media design. Web users expect to see dynamic, time-based content and there is no reason for us to straggle behind the curve. If you’re looking for storyboards, video editing, animated graphics and logos, or some mixture thereof… let’s talk! ¬†Whether it’s training or contracted work, I can help.

TAZ 6 Product Promo
(Edited in Blender, graphics created in GIMP)

Hyperflesh Artist Spotlight
(Art Director – Edited in Blender, Graphics created in GIMP, shot and edited by Gregg Barclay)

Animated Logo and Tutorial Editing
(Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Screen Capture & Music by Stu Crair)

Animated Logo Concept for Loveland Based Aleph Objects, Inc.
(Experiment with Freeware & open source programs)

Web promo for Container & Packaging Supply
(Photoshop, Animoto)

A little 3D fun with Blender…

Presentation intro for a client
(Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro)

iMovie tutorial for children

Boulder Nite’s Classic
(Music by Bryan Cahill (edited in iMovie, shot terribly by a Flip:)